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Nitta Group Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to go ahead with our customers by providing them innovative solutions for their industrial works and helping the society by introducing meaningful creations based on advanced technologies.

Our Principles

To serve for the interest of our customers and society by providing matchless standards of products and services.

Our Values 

  • Respect: Respecting all customers needs and valuing our responsibility towards pleasing and satisfying them.
  • Passion: Serving quality best Power Transmission Belts with passion to achieve complete customers satisfaction. 
  • Innovation: Making creativity speak on our behalf in all our products. 
  • Integrity: Maintaining honest and truthful relations with all customers regardless of their company type and order size. 

Our Logo and Symbol Significance
Our logo represents growth across the globe as the curves on the left extend lithely. Our operations began in Osaka in the year 1885 with a thought to introduce those products in Japan based industries, which were not readily available. It is with this thought that even today we are producing such products that ease the work of different industries in Japan. The same is hinted in our symbol, which reads, Invention and Innovation. 

SHIFT2030 Medium- to Long-Term Business Plan

The world is changing at an extremely fast pace and here we are pursuing our business plan for growth between 2021 and 2030. From time to time, we are increasing our competitiveness in this sector by strengthening our production capability and investing in better technology machines. Our qualitative targets for SHIFT2030 are- Growth, Enhancement of Corporate Value and Globalization. In the first phase of investment from the year 2021-2024, we are investing 21.8 Billion Yen, in second phase (2025-2027), we are planning to invest 9.4 Billion Yen and in third phase of investment (2028-2030), we are planning to make investment of 8.8 Billion Yen. So, we are going to make a total investment of 40 Billion Yen for medium to long term growth. 

Company History




Mr. Chojiro Nitta founded an organization in Osaka for supplying leather products


Received success in Japan for manufacturing premium quality leather transmission belts


Began introducing tanning products in Hokkaido


Founded Nitta Leather Belting Co., Ltd.


Started producing and supplying Rubber Belts

Began production of gelatin and glue


Segregated and founded Nitta Leather Belting Co., Ltd., Nitta Rubber Industrial Co., Ltd., and Nitta Gelatin Co., Ltd.


Nitta Leather Belting Co., Ltd. Renamed to Nitta Belting Co., Ltd.


Developed a factory in Yamatokoriyama, Nara Prefecture

Founded Nitta-Moore Co., Ltd., along with Samuel Moore & Co. Of America


Founded Unitta Company in association with Uniroyal Inc. of America, which is presently known as Gates Rubber Company


Founded Nitta International Inc. USA


Nitta Belting Co., Ltd. Renamed to Nitta Corporation


Developed Rodel Nitta Company in association with Rodel Inc. of America


Obtained all the shares of Nitta-Moore Co., Ltd.

Founded Nitta Corporation of Holland B.V.

Founded Taiwan Nitta Filter Co., Ltd.


Foundation of a joint company- Nitta-Moore Co., Ltd. And Korea Nitta Moore Corporation in South Korea as well as Nitta Industries of America (USA)


Registration of stock in over-the-counter market


Founded Nitta Industries Europe GmbH in Germany

Gained 100% shares of the famous Condev Holding B.V.


Nitta Moore Co., Ltd. Changed to Nitta Moore Company

Introduced CI and began New Wave reforming movement

Developed Niita Nagoya Building in Nagiya


Our two popular companies- Nitta International Inc. and Nitta Industries of America, Inc. merged to become Nitta Corporation of America


Founded Nitta Corporation of Singapore PTE. LTD.


Our name came on the second section of the widely popular Osaka Stock Exchange


Our name registered on the second section of Tokyo Stock Exchange


Our name came in the first section of both Osaka and Tokyo Stock Exchange


Headquarter built at Naniwa-ku, Osaka


Unitta Corporation renamed to Gates Unitta Asia Company


Rodel Nitta Company renamed to Nitta Haas Incorporated

Founded two companies in China- Nitta Moore Technology (Changzhou) Co., Ltd. And Changzhou Nitta Moore Itoh Metal Co., Ltd.


Founded Nitta Corporation of Changzhou and Nitta Moore (Guangzhou) Tube Co., Ltd., both in China


Founded Nitta Moore Mexico S. De R.L. de C.V. in Mexico

Developed Nitta Tokyo office in Ginza Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Built Factory in Kami, Kochi Prefecture


Obtained Nitta Moore Company and merged it with Sonac Incorporated


Founded Nitta (Shanghai) Management Co., Ltd. In China


Founded Nitta Corporation India Pvt. Ltd.

Started working on our long term business growth plan

Founded Nitta Mechatronics (Changzhou), Co., Ltd.

Acquired Offset Credit (J-VER) certificate from the Ministry of Environment for our company forest in Tokachi Hokkaido


New foundation in Brazil


New Foundation in Thailand- Nitta Corporation (Thailand) Limited


Gained all the shares of Connect Conveyor Belting Inc.


Obtained complete shares of Naniwa Rubber Co., Ltd. And Nitta Chemical Industrial Products Co., Ltd.


Obtained 100% shares of our Korea based company


Nitta Haas Incorporated renamed to Nitta DuPont Incorporated

Began working on our new business plan of growth- SHIFT2030

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Approach to CSR

All our business activities are carried out keeping the interests of our customers, associates, shareholders, employees and society in view. It is through our attention to quality production that we are benefitting the society. 

As a part of our CSR, we established a private school for night- Yurin Elementary School in 1911, for children who could not afford or were unable to attend school in the day time. We have also provided them with school supplies like shoes, clothes, stationery and more to support them. 

In the year 1923, we funded Matsuyama Higher School of Commerce. Later in the year 1949, this school was promoted to university and renamed to Matsuyama University of Commerce, which, in the present day, is called Matsuyama University. 

CSR Promotion System

We have formed a system for promoting CSR and also appointed a team of experts for handling all operations related to it. Our commitment to make judicious use of resources and maintain quality of products has helped us acquire ISO certifications. We also bank upon our robust internal control system and ensure all operations are smoothly completed, in alliance with Companies Act and Financial Instruments and Exchange Act of Japan. 

Code of Conduct 

Some main points of Nitta Group Code of Conduct are bulleted below:

  • Compliance with industrial norms for manufacturing high quality products
  • Maintaining proactiveness while communicating with customers
  • Maintaining customers private information with ourselves and not disclosing it
  • Providing safe and comfortable work environment to staff
  • Making regular contributions in the society for the benefit of masses
  • Indulging in transparent and fair business dealings
  • Handling of all data, from personal to customer, in a fair manner
  • Following corporate ethics to serve as a professional partner to customers

Business Continuity Planning

We have implemented the policy of safeguarding the health of our employees in case of any natural disaster. Our business continuity basic policy also includes the following:

  • Indulge in performing priority operations on time 
  • Providing training to all experts at the time of any contingency situation
  • Improvement in action plans to benefit employees and associates connected with our business works
  • Supporting safe living of all employees, their families and people living in affected areas
  • Contribution to the society by providing them support in all forms and manners

Information Security Initiatives

We ensure no private information of our associates and customers are leaked under any circumstance. Keeping in view the same, we have formed Information Security Policy for the following:

  • Taking safe measures to safeguard information of our associates
  • Handling of failures and accidents in a prompt and wise manner
  • Keeping information safe under a team of experienced information security officers
  • Creating training and awareness related programs for employees to teach them about information maintenance in the right manner
  • Taking all the measures to rightly maintain the reliability of all information provided by our partners

Corporate Philanthropy

Maintenance of Forest Resources with Intention of Keeping Environment Safe

Nitta obtained a huge forest area in the year 1906 to search for Japanese emperor oak, an important raw material for tannin of the products. Since then, we have been maintaining this forest by planting larch trees. Presently, we own 6600 ha of forest in Japanese prefecture, Hokkaido, and are making good efforts in safekeeping environment. We have specially formed a Company-owned Forest Management Policy, as per which, we are undertaking maintenance and repair works of forest. We have also been supporting Koto no Ura Onzansoen by maintaining buildings in the best manner. It is through our foundation that we are supporting in the development of local community as well as contributing in Doll Festival, Autumn Feast and Summer Festival.

Our social contribution also includes maintenance of work space, from both inside and outside. We run premises cleanup activities from time to time to maintain hygiene and safety at our work place. We have also arranged for blood donation camps and bone marrow donation camps as a good corporate citizen of the nation. 

Environmental Activities

Quality Initiative 

We have successfully obtained ISO 9001 in June 1998 and got it transferred to ISO 9001:2015 in January 2018. We are committed to quality at every stage of producing Power Transmission Belts, thus take every step in accordance with the norms of the industry. 

Environmental Initiatives

We have made a Global Warming Prevention Policy to fight against the fast changing environment. We ensure all our business operations are conducted keeping environmental concerns in view and no harm to flora and fauna is caused. We also ensure for the following:

  • Reduction in power consumption
  • Reduction in CO2 Emissions
  • Reduction in plastic waste
  • Installation of solar power plants
  • Increasing the use of solar energy

We have successfully established Safety Dojo in the year 2018 to raise all the safety awareness regarding natural disasters and provide instruction for taking all the safety measures. Apart from this, we are concentrated on reducing injuries and accidents related to work which is why we have taken Occupational Health and Safety Initiatives. Through this, we are ensuring work related risk reduction and promoting safety at workplace. 

Procurement and Purchasing Initiatives

We make certain that our product purchasing and procurement activities are done in a socially responsible manner and no harm to environment is caused in any manner. It is with regards to the same that we ensure the following:

  • All dealings are done in a legal manner
  • Selection of business partners is done on the basis of their past records 
  • Our procurement managers stay committed to sourcing only suitable grade products
  • Partnership with vendors is build on the values of trust, respect, integrity and transparency

Human Resource Development and Work Environment

We have created an environment of respect for all our employees. We believe in providing them comfortable environment to boost their productivity and professional growth. We also make sure that all business matters are led with cooperation, be it with national or with international company.

At our company, we are maintaining an environment where no harassment of any type can take place. We care for our employee physical, social and mental well-being and also support them in child care. We believe in promoting women, thus provide them all the facilities at our organization and support equality in all works. 

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