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Company Profile
Nitta Corporation is a manufacturing company of Power Transmission Belts that are best featured for their cost-effectiveness and high performance. Located in Osaka, Japan, we are supplying our range of belts and professional services to companies in both national and international regions. 

Global Network

We are proud to state that we have our offices in Europe, Southeast Asia, East Asia, South Asia, Japan, North America and Latin America. It is in all these regions we supply our finely developed products and ease numerous industrial works. 

Research and Development Policy

We are a SHIFT innovating company that focuses on strengthening of existing business and searching for better business opportunities. We are dedicated to responding on customers wants in the best manner which is why we are indulging in research and development of better solutions that enhance users satisfaction. Along with this, we are improving our technologies for better designing, testing, evaluation and analysis of products. 

Our company never lose out an opportunity to better delight customers and always work with advanced technologies for having better output. We are providing novel functionality derived from composite integration of nanotubes, which have highly dispersed carbon.

For searching new opportunities for our business growth, we are combining robust technologies with growing wants of cutting-edge fields like regenerative medicines and soft robotics and also contributing to our best to the society like SDGs. We are striving for winning complete customers trust by introducing only advanced collection of products. 

Intellectual Property

Basic Policy

The policy of our group is to protect our intellectual property rights while giving importance to monitoring of patents on a regular basis and searching for better themes for patent searches. We are working hard to attain SHIFT for deepening and SHIFT for searching as a part of our medium and long term business growth plan. For the former, we are systematically strengthening our human, technical and other skills to improvise our working in the industry and for the latter, we are investing in modern resources including experts and technologies and conducting better searches for innovation of better products. 

Core Technologies and Products, Fields of Contribution

Our experience in dedicated research and development is generating for us value in the form of customers satisfaction. It is our focus over technological advancements that we are introducing high performance Power Transmission Belts, which are made using prime grade rubber, resin and other materials. 

For product design technology, we are focusing upon using the following:

  • Ink design technology
  • Nanomaterials development
  • Resin synthesis technology
  • Rubber and resin formulation technology

Process development technology

  • Accurate coating technology
  • Adhesion and seal technology
  • Decontamination technology
  • Detachable mechanism design
  • Extrusion molding technology
  • Multilayering technology
  • Rubber/fabric composite integration

Evaluation, Testing & Analysis technology

  • Chemical composition analysis
  • Cleanliness evaluation
  • Durability testing
  • Dynamic evaluation (belts, hoses, etc.)
  • Material mechanics characteristic evaluation
  • Rheology characteristic evaluation
  • Sensor characteristic evaluation
  • Simulation design

Research and Development Structure

Meeting the needs of customers is our priority and for the same we are investing in new technologies for better production value worthy products. As per this structure, we are developing customized products for customers, supporting in their business enhancement and indulging in new product designing. 

Industries We Serve In

Our collection of Power Transmission Belts is admired for durability and cost-effectiveness. We are delivering our standard and customized belts in national and international countries, indulged in the following industries:

  • Automobiles
  • Civil Engineering and Construction
  • Electronics
  • Environment and Energy
  • Food
  • Healthcare
  • Industrial Machinery
  • Logistics and Transportation

Key Facts Table of Nitta Corporation:

Nature of Business

Manufacturer & Exporter

Year of Establishment



Osaka, Japan

No. of Employees


No. of Engineers


No. of Designers


Company Branches

Tokyo, Nara, Nagoya, Kanazawa, Shizuoka, Fukuoka, USA, Germany, China, India, Holland, Brazil, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Korea

Affiliate Companies

Gates Unitta Asia Company (Osaka), Power Techno Co.,Ltd. (Tokyo), Morimitsu Industries Company (Hokkaido), Nitta Asocio Company (Nasa), Nitta Corporation of America (U.S.A.), Nitta Industries Europe Gmbh (Germany), Nitta Corporation India Pvt. Ltd. (India), Nitta Corporation (Thailand) Limited

Export Market

USA, Europe, Asia

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